Certainty Amid Uncertainty

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Jesus Is My Rock

In life, we all go through moments when everything around us just does not make sense. It seems as if something is not right. Very deep inside of us, we somehow know that things are not supposed to be this way. Painful and stressful situations open our eyes to the reality of uncertainty. 

We believe that most of the things that surround or make up our lives are certain. However, when our certainties are shaken, we are somehow forced to examine our lives, relocate our faith, and trust in the only person in the whole universe who will never be shaken––God, the Rock of our salvation.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we are facing the unthinkable. Schools, universities, businesses, and churches are closed. People are afraid and some days all we hear is the sound of ambulances taking people to the hospital. An invisible enemy, the coronavirus, is taking lives, destroying the economy, and changing the world as we know it. The threat is real and throwing the whole world into chaos. 

What is being shaken in your life? Is it your health? Your bank account? Your 401K? Your job or career? The truth of the matter is that all those things that we used to consider certain are now being exposed as they are and have always been: uncertain

It is in these surreal moments when we are forced to make a choice. Who are we going to call in the midst of our distress? Who will hear our cry? King David knew the answer to these questions very well. When “the pangs of death,” and “the sorrows of Sheol” surrounded him, he called upon the Lord. When “the snares of death” confronted him, in his distress he cried out to God (Psalm 18:4–6, NKJV). 

In the midst of uncertainty, the Lord was David’s certainty. Who will you call in the midst of your distress? Who will hear your cries? You know the answer, just as King David did. Get rid of uncertainty and grow in faith. Uncertain times demand faith. Faith grows when it is tested; therefore, get ready to fight the good fight of faith!


The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer. The Lord is my God, my Strength, in whom I trust. In these uncertain times, I make a choice: I will trust in Jesus, the only real certainty in my life.