Just Thinking: Doodles to Noodle Over


The Gifts of Faith & Success

Ultimately, success isn’t something we achieve. It’s a gift.
We should not be so driven to succeed as we are to obey.  

This is not to say we should not work hard.

Read the 4th Commandment closely. In addition to prescribing a day of rest each week God also instructs us to
a life of work. “Six days you shall labour.” Later, Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, instructs the church to “warn the idle” and to “work with their hands.” It’s clear that God wants us to be busy, but we should not assume that our busy-ness is what determines our success in this life. We are to be busy out of thankful obedience, but success remains a gift for God to give or withhold in his good pleasure.