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Real Hope: Sovereign GodSample

Real Hope: Sovereign God

DAY 5 OF 5


These are words from what is thought to be a hymn sung in the early church. A hymn of praise to the magnificence of God and His Son Christ Jesus. It talks of Jesus being exalted by God to the highest place and receiving the adoration of all – both in bowed knees and tongues of exultation.

There is a lot of theology to unpack in these awe-inspiring words. Suffice to say, here we have a picture of the rule of God in His Son over the whole world, indeed the whole universe. There is no higher being. He is the pinnacle.

We just need to sit with these words as it takes us out of our earthly reality and into something quite profound. A place of majesty. And we have a window, a seat among the witnesses.

As humans, our minds cannot contain the notion of the sovereignty of God. But in these verses the context is of humility – ‘He made Himself nothing’, ‘taking the very nature of a servant’, ‘He humbled Himself’. What a mind-blowing paradox – to put sovereignty and humility together. Where in earthly kingdoms and reigns do we see such a thing? Rather, history is replete with tyranny and egotistical power plays.

The sovereignty of God is something totally other. It is ultimately a recognition that none but God the Father deserves our allegiance and worship.

How will my life today bring glory to this humble servant Lord of the Universe?

written by TIM COSTELLO

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Real Hope: Sovereign God

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