Closer to God Each Day


Set Your Mind and Keep It Set

We can have right and wrong mind-sets. The right ones benefit us, and the wrong ones hurt us and hinder our progress. With God’s help we can set our minds in the right direction.

Some people see life negatively because they have experienced unhappy circumstances all their lives and can’t imagine anything better. Then there are some people who see everything as negative simply because their personality leans in that direction. Whatever its cause, a negative outlook leaves a person miserable and unlikely to grow spiritually. To enjoy God’s good plan for us, we need to be in agreement with Him, and He definitely is not negative!

With God’s help and your hard work and determination, you can break negative mind-sets and old habits that are trying to keep you far from God. The devil doesn’t want you to break through because he knows that if you do, you will enjoy your life and be a blessing to others. Your life will change, which will cause many other lives to change. If you set your mind in the right direction, it is going to bring you closer to God and allow you to fulfill your God-ordained destiny.

Expect good things to happen to you and through you!