Fierce : Uncommon Faith in Uncertain Times

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Pick your three. 

What if you had unlimited resources and could pick three friends to go on an epic adventure? What would you do and who would you do it with? The adventure could be anything: you could go skydiving over a volcano, ride the world’s biggest roller coasters, or travel around the world!

But there is a catch.

The only restriction is that you have to be blind folded. You have to do the entire adventure while only trusting your three friends to guide you. Would you think twice about what you choose to do or who you bring along? Just imagine the amount of trust and faith you would need to go on such an epic experience without your eyesight. 

Much like those feelings, I imagine the apostle Peter also felt something similar in the Matthew 14 story. Peter and his fellow disciples are tossed about in a boat on the sea of Galilee. They are without Jesus. Earlier that day, Peter saw first-hand Jesus’ power at work when thousands were miraculously healed and fed. Now, he sees Jesus walking toward them on the water! And Peter immediately asks to join Jesus, a request that makes sense because in their culture, disciples want to be exactly like their Rabbi, and do what their teacher does.

In response to Jesus’ invitation, Peter gets out of the boat and walks toward Jesus. Spooked by the wind, however, Peter stops looking at Jesus and begins to sink until he cries out for rescue. That is when Jesus catches Peter by the hand and rebukes him for possessing little faith.

Now, imagine that you are Peter. Go ahead, close your eyes. Imagine Jesus calling you and you jump out of the boat to suddenly find you are not sinking. Where do you look? Do you look below and marvel at your feet on top of the water? Do you look back to crack a “can you believe this” smile at your friends? Do you look above at the storm clouds? Or do you look straight ahead at Jesus? 

For a moment, Peter’s fierce faith is put on display when he steps out of the boat and walks toward Jesus. Peter trusts and wants to be near Jesus enough to plunge himself into the sea. And yet, as long as Peter’s eyes remain upon Jesus, he is able to walk on water. Notice this critical detail: it’s only when his vision of Jesus is distracted that he begins to sink. 

In this life, there are plenty of distractions – especially during a global pandemic. Over the past week, where were your eyes turned towards? Were they looking downward at yourself caught up in your own thoughts and desires? Were they looking behind at others for acceptance? Were they looking up at something that makes you afraid and anxious? Or were your eyes fixed upon Jesus? Be honest with yourself. Looking anywhere but at Jesus ends in chaos and destruction. The good news is that Jesus is waiting for you to cry out for rescue. Just like he saved Peter, He wants to do the same for you. Turn your eyes upon Jesus by putting your full faith in Him! 

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for calling me to follow you and for rescuing me. I repent for having little faith and not loving you with my whole heart. Turn my eyes back upon your wonderful face and give me your fierce faith. I love you, I need you and I want you. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!