Peace is a Person


Peace is a Person

Peace. The early morning silence after a snowstorm. You open your outer door and everything is hushed, blanketed with white. Peaceful—full of peace. You smile and your heart is calm. Yet when you turn back into your home, the kids are arguing, the kitchen is a mess and you may be wondering how your paycheck will cover all your expenses. Ugh. Now that sense of peace is gone. Why can’t my life be more like that pristine scene? 

We’re searching for a peaceful, calm, life protected from the chaos of our world, our work, and our family. A life where everything runs smoothly without interruption, without relational disputes. Calm. Peaceful. Still. 

Be still.” It’s an instruction our parents commanded over and over as we fidgeted and somersaulted on laps and furniture and now we constantly repeat it to our own overly energetic children. “Be still and give me some peace! “Be still” is also a well known scripture in Psalm 46. “Be still and know that I am God.” 

From our parental training, we’ve been led to believe “be still” means sitting and waiting, hands folded, not moving, being quiet. Yet this word “still” in Psalm 46 doesn’t mean sitting down and doing nothing. The singular Hebrew word for “be still” is raphah, a verb meaning to let go, to relax, to release. To actively and purposefully let go of your expectations. To have expectancy for God to meet you in the chaos. To relax, knowing He sees you, is with you, and is in complete control of your situation. To release, giving your problems away to God, the only One big enough to take all the calamities of life and turn them into peace, His Peace. Because true and lasting peace is not a location or a feeling. Peace is a Person. 

God’s gift of peace is not for those fortunate, select few who get their lives together, (where are those people?). God’s plan is that everyone would accept His peace. Peace was the first attribute spoken of Him, the very first declaration of His life. Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests. Luke 2:14 NIV  

This proclamation could have been delivered to kings and leaders yet the heavenly announcement came to shepherds on a hillside, those some consider to be a lowly working class. I wonder if this could be a revelation of God’s message for peace? Maybe Peace is reserved for the most humble posture of a heart. 

Be still. Release. Relax. Peace—Immanuel—is with you.