Nothing But Jesus

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Jesus is traveling through Bethany when he’s invited to dine in the home of his friends Mary and Martha. While Martha does what hostesses are expected to do for their last-minute guests, scrambling to prepare food and refreshments, Mary ignores the clamor (and her responsibilities) so she can “sit at the feet” of Jesus. Martha, like you and I would do in her place, finally blows her top, pleading with Jesus to demand that her sister take her blinders off and help. Instead, Jesus gently rebukes his good friend. Mary has chosen “the one thing,” the only thing that’s really “necessary” in life. And what is she choosing against? Well, the important work of a good hostess, at the moment. And why does she make this choice? Certainly not because she is “shoulded” into it—quite the opposite, actually. Mary chooses the “only necessary” thing in life because she is fascinated by, hungry for, and gravitationally pulled toward Jesus.