Peace in Difficult Times

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Author: Caleb Koornneef

As a song of assurance, Psalm 46 is abounding with God’s good news for disheartened people.  It is bursting with reminders of the Lord’s sovereignty and provision.  While many of the Psalms begin with a crisis, this one starts with a much-needed recognition of God’s power.  Without a doubt, the psalmist declares, “God is our refuge and strength.”  The Lord is not sometimes a refuge or sometimes a source of strength – He is a strong fortress to all who belong to Him.  Not only that, but He is “very present” in times of trouble.  God is not distant or disconnected from His people or their circumstances.

Like the psalmist, we need to remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness.  Instead of seeking security in countless other ways, we ought to recall that the Lord is our refuge and strength.  If we ever doubt this to be true, we need only look to Jesus.  Christ Himself left the throne of heaven to be present with us in our trouble.  He did not remain distant, but entered into human brokenness so that all by faith might receive forgiveness and new life in Him.  By His Word and by the Holy Spirit, God guarantees us that He is always near.  Take refuge in Him and rest in His goodness.