Purpose Over Panic: Embracing Your Call During Crisis

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When fear, worry, concern, or anxiety seeks to challenge us in the most difficult of circumstances, God’s Word still challenges us to pursue the mark of the high calling that can be found in Christ Jesus. Stephen, the great ambassador for Christ, was a martyr for the gospel and lost his life proclaiming the good news! 

The word of God challenges us to consider it pure joy when we can identify with Christ during difficult times. Refuse to get weary in well-doing when you see so much going on in the world. As times become more uncertain, your commitment to your purpose becomes a priority! Let’s spend the next five days digging into biblical examples of those who chose to pursue purpose amid the panic.  

I do not believe that we could start with a better example than Jesus, who best exemplifies the importance of choosing purpose over panic. Jesus encountered many difficult circumstances throughout His ministry on earth. Since Jesus was human, it would have been quite easy for Him to settle into natural human responses. When Mary told Jesus about the wedding running out of wine, Jesus never flinched. Could you imagine running out of wine at an event like a wedding? I can only imagine the panic the bride and groom must have felt when trying to come up with a solution. 

In another encounter, Jesus and the disciples were at sea, and there was a terrible storm. The disciples were afraid, and they panicked. In all fairness, many of us wouldn't react differently. Jesus, who was asleep, simply spoke peace to the wind and waves. Perhaps, He didn't fully lift his head. I can picture Jesus giving the disciples a good side-eye! The firmness in His purpose was a witness for those around, who needed to build and increase their faith. 

Jesus never encountered a situation that caused Him to step outside the will of God for His life. He kept His purpose at the forefront of every circumstance, and this brought healing, deliverance, and ultimately salvation for all mankind. These examples should remind us that even in panic, our focus on our God-given purpose is critically important for those who will be impacted by our lives. Today’s scripture reading will take you through four examples of how Jesus chose purpose over panic.


Heavenly Father, thank You for choosing a special and specific purpose for my life! Amid all that is going on in the world now, help me resolve to let my light shine. Help me be an example to those around, who need to see Your will at work in my life. Help me stay focused on my purpose, and confront difficult circumstances, trusting that You have all things under control. Let my purpose draw people closer to You, in Christ's name, Amen.