The Power Of Love

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Secure Attachment 

When parents see their baby smile for the first time it melts their hearts. This first sign of delight, whether it is an intentional action or not, was uniquely designed with purpose. These early interactions are an essential part of developing a secure attachment between baby and caregiver. 

Babies who bond with their parents have a deeper sense of security. When a child feels safe and loved, they are more likely to explore their world with confidence. 

A secure relationship with our Heavenly Father is just like the natural. It’s essential that we establish a strong bond with our Father and understand how deeply loved we are by Him.

When we know we are loved by God we can have an assurance that He has the best in mind for us. That He has our best interest at heart and plans to give us hope and a future. 

When we fully grasp this, then we are rooted in His love and fear no longer has a hold on our lives. It's not that fear will never make an appearance, but it’s knowing when fear knocks at the door we have a firm foundation to stand upon. 

So how do we build this firm foundation? We spend time with our Heavenly Father. We talk to him throughout the day and read about the promises He has for us in the Bible. 

Just as it takes time for a baby to build and form a relationship with his or her parent, it takes time to really get to know God.

When we earnestly seek Him we will find Him. Build a foundation of love with your creator by seeking Him daily through prayer. Then rest in His love and more forward boldly with confidence. Exploring your world and fulfilling the purposes for which you were created. 

Take Action:

Take time today to sit and spend time with your Heavenly Father. Talk to Him like you would talk to a friend. Read His word, ask Him questions and listen for His response.