The Power Of Love

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The Power of Perfect Love:

As a culture we are obsessed with talking about fear and anxiety. I can’t tell you how many articles, books, podcasts, blog posts I’ve read and listened to over the years on how NOT to be anxious. Hundreds if not thousands. Yet our culture still seems to struggle deeply in this area.

It’s more than okay to ask for help or seek professional attention. As a physician’s wife I truly believe God uses doctors and modern medicine to bring healing. 

But I want to look at this from a different angle and flip this thing on its head. 

Instead of always focusing on what we shouldn't be doing (i.e. trying not to fear). What if we started focusing on what we can do?

This is where the power of love comes in. There is no fear in love. The Bible tells us perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). 

So instead of focusing on all our issues and our inability to overcome them, what if we learned how to stand in the power of God’s perfect love? 

Before we learn to stand in His love we first must grasp His love toward us.

How do you view God? Do you see Him as someone who is waiting to strike you the moment you make a mistake? Or as a loving Father? 

John 3:16 is one of the most popular verses quoted by Christians and it gives us a picture of the Father’s heart toward us. Keep reading and in verse 17 we find out God did not send His Son, Jesus, to condemn the world. 

Jesus didn’t come to remind us we have all sinned and fallen short. Jesus came that we may be saved. That we may be credited righteous and have an abundant life. He took the penalty of sin for us.

He was pierced for our mistakes, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we would be whole (Isaiah 53:5). Is there no greater love? 

God was heartbroken when sin entered the world and we became separated from Him. His heart's desire is that all will live with Him in paradise. That’s why He sent His son Jesus.

Jesus understands your deepest pains for He went through them himself. 

But it doesn’t end there. In three days, He rose from the dead. He conquered death, hell and the grave. Through Jesus you can have victory over sin. 

When the little voice starts to whisper in our heads “You aren’t enough. No one likes you. You can’t do anything right.” We can boldly refuse these lies and declare the gift our Heavenly Father freely gave us.

Repeat out loud “I am a child of God. I am loved by the King of Kings. He was pierced for ME.”

Rest in that today.

Take Action:

Have you fully grasped His perfect love toward you? Take a moment to sit and ponder the work of the cross. Ask God to flood your heart with His unfailing love. Then thank Him for all He has done for you.