Get Your Mind Right Pt.2

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In Part Two of “Get Your Mind Right”, Pastor Carl went into the mechanics of our thought lives. Once we are saved (declaring Jesus as our Savior & Lord), we are instantly redeemed by God, but that doesn’t automatically change the way we think. We need to renew our minds CONTINUOUSLY if we want to see a change in our mentality. Failure to realize this is a changed eternity, without a different MENTALITY.  We do not need to be prisoners to old mindsets, cycles or thought patterns. Aggressively confronting our thought life may be uncomfortable TEMPORARILY, but if we want to change our thinking PERMANENTLY, it’s worth it. Jesus wants to heal us in totality.


  • Have you made a conscious effort to change your thinking? 

  • What would it look like to create a daily practice of changing your thinking? 

  • How could you create space and time in your schedule to deliberately change your thoughts?