Pretty Days And Hurricanes - All You Need Is Love Series

Day 5 of 6 • This day’s reading


Hurricane Hate 

As Jesus said, out of the heart proceed evil thoughts. It is a problem of the heart. A storm begins in us. Frustration, anger, indifference, and resentment then lead to hate. Hurricane Hate forms in our lives and begins to leak. 

We live in a culture that hates. Whether it is in politics, social media, or movies, there are trolls and haters everywhere. Hate ends up becoming murder. It is not real murder, as in taking someone’s life. What I mean by murder is when hate overtakes your heart and you choose to find a solution without God. What did Moses do? He saw Egyptians working Israelites too hard. God’s solution was the Exodus, but Moses got ahead of himself and killed the Egyptian. The storms in us begin to rage when we think we have solutions without God. 

When we go through these progressions of Hurricane Hate in our homes, social life, and businesses or jobs, and we allow them to keep going, they will rip our lives apart. All of sudden, we wake up and realize there is no roof. There is no marriage or no job. The hurricane of hate will destroy those areas. Diverting attention so nobody has to know our heart is not the answer. We have to be very careful because there are storms brewing, and we do not want to allow them to turn into a category 5 hurricane. 

There are also storms around us. God’s Word says not to be surprised if the world hates you. People end up hating believers or hating the church when they experience hypocrisy that hurts. Now, we all know that every human has been a hypocrite before, right? You are going to be wounded by people, including Christians and the church. It is part of the journey. I have been wounded by the church. But in that moment that we are hurt, we have the opportunity to give our pain to God. We do not have to let it build into a hurricane. Do not let that happen in your life. Give that to the Lord. Never allow hate to mess up your relationship with God.