Pretty Days And Hurricanes - All You Need Is Love Series

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Love Each Other

There is a book that I have read called Isaac’s Storm, by Erik Larson. It is an old but good book about a hurricane that occurred in Galveston, Texas, on September 8th, 1900. A hurricane came through town and over 6,000 people were killed. It is the largest natural disaster in American history even to this day. The description of that morning was given by Buford T. Morris, a real estate agent who spent his weekends in Galveston. He said, “The sky seemed to be made of mother pearl: gloriously pink, yet it contained a fish-scale effect which reflected all the colors of the rainbow. I had never seen such a beautiful sky.” That was hours before the hurricane hit. There are pretty days before hurricanes. 

Loving one another is a great commandment, but did you know there are storms in us when we love others? Think about the people closest to you, the three to five closest relationships. Our spouse aggravates us more than anybody else. There is a storm brewing in us, even a hurricane of hate inside of us. 

Hurricane Hate can be in us, but we have to realize that hurricanes build. You never simply turn on the TV and suddenly there is a hurricane in the gulf. What usually happens is that it begins with a disturbance. Then there is a tropical depression followed by a tropical storm. We do not pay too much attention at first, right? It’s not until the storm becomes a hurricane, all the way to category 5, that we react. Here in Houston, we evacuate to San Antonio or Dallas. It is a progression.

I want you to know that the same thing happens in your life, with your job, children, parents, spouse, and more. It is a progression. It can begin in the home as a tropical disturbance, become a tropical depression, then a storm, and end up being a category 5 hurricane. It happened with Hurricane Hate in Cain against his brother Abel. They were two brothers and then Cain committed the first murder recorded in the Bible. Perhaps you are thinking, “Well, I’m not a murderer; how does this apply to me?” It is about your heart. How are you loving those close to you? Are you constantly building up feelings of aggravation and frustration, or are you allowing God’s love to be the source of your choices with others?