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Fear is a force to be reckoned with. Especially now, as we face uncertainty and angst during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Fear and anxiety about illness, death, finances, healthcare, job loss, political divisiveness, socioeconomic inequality, and injustices can drive us into the valley of darkness.  

We all enter dark valleys now and then, and it's natural to be fearful sometimes. Still, God doesn't want us to park the car and set up camp in the valley of fear and despair where the angel of darkness looms. Whenever my thoughts go in that direction, I make a quick U-turn to Psalm 23, where I see God's presence and peace. There, God makes me lie down in green pastures and leads me to quiet waters. He is with me. He comforts me and restores my soul.

Allow God to guide you out of the valley of darkness and fear. Reflect on the first four verses of Psalm 23, and you will see God, your caring, comforting, and good shepherd. Follow Him obediently, and depend on Him for provision, guidance, and protection. Don't camp in the valley of darkness. Camp in the apex of His light, and you'll be fearless to face anything!

Footnote: All illustrations in this prayer plan are from The Wiedmann Bible, a unique visual Bible with 3,333 hand-painted images that are about a mile long when placed together.