Knowing God’s Heart

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God Is Good

Good is a word we use to describe how our day is, how we’re feeling, or how a particular meal tasted. Yet, it’s also a word that we use to describe our mighty, majestic, and miraculous God. Seems odd, doesn’t it? To use a word to describe God that we’d also use to describe how we felt about our lunch. 

We can see evidence of God’s goodness everywhere, in every day, and in every situation. Even when we’re not aware of His goodness, He’s still good. While God does do good things, His goodness is more than just what He does. It’s who He is. 

Psalm 25:8 NLT says,“The Lord is good and does what is right; He shows the proper path to those who go astray.” The Hebrew word for good in this verse is towb, and it means “good, pleasant, agreeable, excellent, and valuable in estimation.”  God is all of those descriptions!

When we get that promotion at work, we yell, “God is good!” When our lives are problem-free, we say, “God is good!” When someone has been healed, we shout, “God is good!” But, what about when times are troubling? Or when challenges come our way? Or when life just feels hard?

When our loved one passes away...  

When we are furloughed from our job…

When the cancer report says “malignant”…

When our spouse betrays us…

When our child continues to rebel...

Is God still good in those situations? Are His ways still excellent? Is He still more valuable to us than anything?

The truth is that God’s goodness doesn’t leave when our circumstances change. He’s always the same. Not only that but God is truly good all of the time. He can’t not be good. It’s who He is. He’s the definition of good.

When something good happens, God is good. And when something bad happens, He is good. As hard as it can be to say that, it’s true. Even if and especially when...God is still good

It’s much like the sun on a cloudy day. We say we can’t see it because it’s hidden behind clouds. But it’s still there. The same is true for the hurts and disappointments in our lives. They can cloud us from seeing God’s goodness, but rest assured, it’s always there because it’s who He is. 

It’s usually in our disappointments and difficulties when we call into question the goodness of God. But turning from God in the midst of our pain removes the only truly good thing from our sad equation—God. So when we’re tempted to doubt and allow our current scenario to dictate what we believe, let’s dive into God’s Word to remind ourselves of this truth. 

He’s a good God.