Get Your Mind Right

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While so much of our time and energy is spent on keeping our physical bodies safe, the real area for concern, affecting us all, is our mental health. Mental health is especially challenging in these times. How we think impacts who we are becoming, daily. According to God’s Word, there are two mindsets in which we can choose to operate; the mindset that operates according to the flesh and the mindset that operates according to the Spirit. As Christians, our mindset should be led according to the Spirit, but if we were able to do that on our own, we would have done it already. We need the Holy Spirit to help us align our mindset to the truth of God’s Word. Culture can try to change our mindset, but when we ask God to help us, our mindset is framed with strength from Heaven and protected.


1. Consider the state of your mind today. Are you living according to the flesh (ie. old ways leading to death) or according to the Spirit (ie. life and peace)? 

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you identify what kind of mindset you have and to help you re-frame according to the Spirit.