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Trusting God in Times of CrisisSample

Trusting God in Times of Crisis

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What is going on?

When we find ourselves in crisis, we may wonder, “Why is this happening? Did this come from God? Are we humans to blame?” The Bible, in Genesis, speaks about the origin of all that is wrong in the world. 

From an Africa Study Bible learn note titled “The Fall”:

The fall is a term that expresses the rebellion against God by the first humans and the painful consequences that followed (Genesis 3:1-24). The fall had many devastating consequences. Humans went from perfect communion and fellowship with God to alienation from God. 

The fall ushered in conflict and hostility between human beings. War, broken marriages, and broken families are all the by-products of the fall. Humankind went from responsible dominion as God’s stewards over creation to irresponsible domination and abuse of God’s world. All of God’s beautiful creation has been broken and damaged. The fall resulted in broken relationships between God and people, people and their neighbors, and people and the environment. Outright rejection of God’s commands, wars, interethnic clashes, and natural disasters are all a result of the three-way broken relationships between God, people, and our world. 

Since the origin of all this brokenness is sin, sometimes we think that living totally committed to God can exempt us from suffering on earth. This is false. Although right living often has benefits, at times we may be persecuted for following Christ. Until God remakes his broken world, we cannot be free from pain, physical suffering, and death. But the curse of the fall also came with the first promise of God’s Messiah (Genesis 3:15).

Jesus came to destroy the serpent’s work and reverse the curse. Our Savior restored our fellowship with God. In him we are sinless, like Adam and Eve before the Fall (2 Corinthians 5:21). Through the Holy Spirit’s power, we can overcome sin and live for Christ (Galatians 5:22-23). All Christians are waiting for the day when Jesus returns to remake the world and restores everything. While we wait, we should also reconcile people to God and to each other, as well as be good stewards of the environment. 


Share with a friend how you think the current crisis is a consequence of the fall. Think of ways that your church community can become a part of reconciling human beings to God, healing broken relationships, and taking care of our world. 

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Trusting God in Times of Crisis

Troubling times raise questions: Why are we in this situation? Will we get out? How? What is God's place in all this? Does he really care? Throughout the Bible, people faced calamity, fear, anxiety, and doubt. They besie...


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