A New Season: Reconnecting With Your Heart

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Phoebe’s Story – Then. Always. Now.

It is deafening, this quiet.

Just Mark and me, together in a house that once shook with noise.

I knew how to be a mom. I knew how to sacrifice, stretched through the long days. But a wife? More than 30 years of love-filled chaos—five kids lived within these walls—and now silence. I’m not sure what to do now, how to remember how to connect with him. I search for signs, hints, any trace of a map showing how to be a loving wife, how to find my way back to Mark’s heart. 

There is hope for us, I think. In this new season, we sit on a new leather couch, side-by-side, no kids sprawled between us.  But it’s quiet. 

My grandmother taught me love can’t be corralled or tamed or controlled. “Love,” she said, “is either going to take over every little space in the room or it’s going to head right on out the door to find a home someplace else.” 

I’ve forgotten how to connect with Mark, God, but I won’t give up. Will you give me hope? Will you make the love in our marriage fill the room, like my grandmother said? Can you make it fill a quiet house? Show me what I need to do. What do I say? How do I say it? 

How do we find each other’s heart again?