One-Minute Prayers for Uncertain Times

Day 2 of 10 • This day’s reading


Put My Trust in You

Lord, give me wisdom to trust only you for my peace and security. My list of just-in-case hopes is filled with tangibles and provisions shaped by the unpredictable world. Life changes, and so does the dependability of jobs, income, savings, and all factors tied to limited human power.

You, Lord, are not limited. You are the source of my hope and my help. You are my sole and soul security. The reverence I have for you leads me to appreciate all that comes from you. I watch for the gifts you bring into my life through others and along the path you lead me. When the winds of change do blow, I’m not worried about having or losing plenty. Even with little, I can stand securely on your foundation of faith, truth, grace, and love.