Unshakable Moms

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“Fearless Through the Storm”

Where I grew up, I learned a thing or two about storms. From insane bipolar weather, to tornados ripping cities to shreds - never a dull moment. When you live in an area that is prone to horrific weather, you build a safeguard. Your home is built on a firm foundation, and you have a plan. It’s just the standard of life when you live with the risk of storms.

We’ve been talking about building an unshakable foundation. One that can stand the test of time, that is built firmly on the word of God. But are you safeguarding for when the storms come? Because it’s inevitable, the storms of life will come. It’s easy to say you’re unshakable when all is well, but we know that storms are coming or maybe you’re in one now.

In Luke 8, Jesus is out on a boat with his disciples. A huge storm takes over and is filling their boat with water, threatening to pull them under. All the while, Jesus is napping. I’ve always found this story to be interesting, because this was a quick storm. There were no meteorologists warning them a storm was coming, and they must not have seen any warnings in the sky. I imagine they set sail and it was sunny and out of nowhere, the storm came. A storm to test their faith. I took a trip to Israel a few years ago and got to sail on a boat across the sea of Galilee, the same place where Jesus calmed the storm in that boat. To my surprise, the Sea of Galilee really is just a small lake. You can see from one side to the other, so this storm really did catch them of guard because they wouldn’t have sailed out had it been bad weather.

“Where’s your faith?”, Jesus asked them when they woke him.

How often do you hear that phrase whispered in your ear? How often do you walk out in the sunshine and you’re hit by a storm out of nowhere that rips your faith away? Maybe you’re battling the unthinkable. Your storm may be more than you think you can handle. You’re begging God - “just wake up and rescue me!”, and He’s asking “where is your faith?”.

Are you ready to stand fearless in your storm? Stand firm in the beautiful truth that Christ has already conquered them all!