Unshakable Moms

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“Everlasting Love” 

All day yesterday, my sweet husband asked me, “Are you ok? You seem down about something.” Sweet man. He knows me. I hadn’t divulged a thing to him, but it didn’t matter. He knows my face, my expressions, my sighs, my body language. He may not be able to read my mind, but he can pretty much predict what I’m thinking in any given situation. Most importantly, he cares and he won’t let me go unnoticed.

After the kids were asleep, we sat down for our nightly decompression (our favorite TV show and some snuggles). He couldn’t let it go. He saw that something had a hold on me and he wanted me free. He asked just the right questions to help me unload my heavy burdened heart. All that I had been gripping tight within my mind came pouring out, and his response was perfect. “Come here”, he said as he motioned me over and pulled me close to him. He held me there; my head upon his chest, his arms wrapped around me. Then after a few minutes he said, “you are significant”. (Cue, ugly cry.)

Sometimes life feels like those precious toddler masterpieces that hang (or once hung) on your refrigerator; a myriad of colorful scribbles. It’s pretty, but it’s hard to make out what it’s supposed to be. It’s wild and tenacious and a little overwhelming. Even the best and most fruitful seasons can catch you off guard. It’s hard to know how to steward all that fruit! In the waiting seasons, the dry seasons, the dark seasons—when you’ve forgotten who you are and whose you are—Jesus wants to say to you, “You are significant”.

It is so comforting and so hopeful to know that no matter the season, one thing will always remain True. One thing will never change. Jesus is the Trustworthy Rock you can lean on.

Proverbs 3:5 tell us, “Trust Him with ALL of your heart. Lean ALL of your weight upon Him.”

You can count on Him and His wisdom to light your path. No matter your circumstances, whether pleasant or painful, He is your purpose. He will show you who you are becoming. When all you see are scribbles on a page, He sees the finished masterpiece. Don’t lean on your own finite understanding. Trust His infinite wisdom. Lean on His Everlasting Love.