Awakening Calling

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Calling Leads to Transformation 

God’s love for us is so vast and inclusive that He calls us as we are and where we are. Whatever we have done, whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, even, whatever our opinion of God. He reaches out to us now and calls us to himself. That said, God’s love for us is so encompassing that He doesn’t want us to stay as we are and where we are. He has more for us and, specifically, more to form in us. We are a work in progress and we often are only too aware of that.

The formation of our mind, heart and values takes time and takes testing. It would be easier to receive some sort of software upgrade when we respond to God’s calling that means we are patient, or never envious, or always kind. However, this is the slow adventure of transformation when we choose to follow Jesus daily. 

Calling leads to transformation and that is something that we get to participate in. As we dare to offer our whole selves to God as ‘a living sacrifice’, a new way of thinking is formed. A transformed mind better understands God’s calling and what a life pleasing to God looks and feels like. Indeed our ‘former way of life’ loses its appeal as new attitudes form in our mind. The transformation then becomes evident in how the fruit of the Spirit defines our thinking and behaviour. A life lived in response to God’s calling looks attractively and daringly different.


Are there sacrifices you need to make to better participate with God’s calling? Can you identify areas of thinking that need to be renewed and transformed? 


Lord God, thank you that you love me so much and are so committed to my well being that you want to heal and transform every broken part of me. Give me courage to fully surrender to Christ and embrace the fullness of a transformed life because of the cross. Amen


This plan is adapted and taken from the book, A Call Less Ordinary 

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