Awakening Calling

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Calling Often Starts Small 

Whatever our upbringing, we can’t escape the fact that our childhood shapes us. The lessons learned in these early years are often hidden and subconscious, only to surface in later life. For many of us, they provide hints of our calling integrated into who God has made us to be. What’s more, when we respond to God, He takes all our days – the good ones, the bad ones and the ugly ones – and covers them with his grace, declaring, "I can use this!" as he calls you forward. Your childhood doesn’t define you, but God does, and He’s been working in you from day one.

This call to intimacy is hidden and small. It helps us better understand ourselves and the world around us. As well as caring deeply about where you are and how you are doing, God also has plans, dreams and assignments for you. They are bespoke, tailored and specific to you and the unique person he has made you to be. They may be different from what you expected, or they may happen with different timescales or in a different place from what you had in mind, but as you respond to God’s call, ‘Ayeka?’ He promises to show you the next step of the way.

Though our calling is planted within us, a greater sense of understanding and purpose won’t happen without the passionate pursuit of God. It is about much more than meetings; it is about a spiritual self-awareness that recognizes those yearnings for more and refuses to ignore them. It is about a posture that accepts the ordinariness of the present and declares, "Lord, start here, where I am and as I am," knowing that God will respond, "Let us begin."


How much do you want to discover more of your calling and to what lengths are you prepared to go?


Lord God, help me not to despise small beginnings as my calling awakens and fill me with joy as I learn to work with you. Amen