Fear Busters (Week 3)

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Day One - God loves me! 

Welcome to Week 3 of our FearBusters Devotional! How are you all doing FearBusters? Sunday was a very special day, do you know why? We celebrated Easter! This week we are going to look at Easter, why it’s so special and learn just how much God loves us!


But first let's start at the beginning….You can read ‘The Sneaky Snake’ in the Beginners Bible (Pages 18-25) or in Genesis 3:1-13.  God created our world, He made every tree, plant, creature and animal.  God also made Adam and Eve, they lived in the Garden of Eden with God they could walk and talk with God whenever they liked. God loved spending time with them in the garden.  God made the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve to live in, together with Him. 

God was very clear when He told Adam and Eve about what they could and couldn’t eat, because He loves us God always wants good things for us.   God told Adam and Eve that they could NOT eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  But the sneaky snake tricked Eve into taking a bite of the fruit and then Eve offered Adam some of the fruit also!!!  Oh no!!  This made God very sad and because Adam and Eve had disobeyed, God sent them away from their home and told them they could no longer live in the Garden of Eden!  But God had a plan…….

This week we are going to learn all about God’s love for us, how He gave us Jesus to save us from all the bad things we have done and will do, these bad things are called sin.  We will also learn how God raised Jesus from the dead and how we get to spend eternity with Jesus, because of what He did for us. 

Our memory verse this week tells us that Jesus is not dead, that He is alive and that’s why we celebrate Easter, because we remember what God did for us, through Jesus, because He loves us. 


Can you find a creative way to remember our memory verse this week, then maybe ask your grown-up to send pictures or a video of you doing this?  


“Don’t be afraid. I know that you are looking for Jesus, the one who was killed on the cross. But he is not here. He has risen from death as he said he would. " (Matthew 28:5-6 ICB) 


You are bigger than my fears. You wipe away my tears. I have a voice to pray, you teach me what to say. I am brave because of you! This sickness just won't do, we tell it now to QUIT. We've had enough of it!