Victory Over the Virus

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Day 1: Be Alert to the Virus

The Coronavirus has infected hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This microscopic agent has made daily headline news, threatened a global impact on the economy, and has caused large events all around the world to be canceled or postponed. How did this happen? We're living in an age of radical advances in modern medicine and yet we are facing a microscopic virus that has turned the world upside down. 

This is how our enemy works. He schemes to spread a virus of fear, hopelessness and panic. But I have come to declare victory over the virus! It’s important to be wise, but it’s a waste of time to worry. It’s smart to prepare, but it’s foolish to panic. We are not doomed to defeat and panic only has power when you give into it. 

To defeat the virus, we must first be alert to it. To be alert to the virus means we recognize it, know it’s strategy, and understand its power. We are called to be alert, but not afraid. Your enemy is not a disease, a person or a situation-- your enemy is the devil. 

Just as people wear gloves and masks to protect themselves because they understand how the Corona Virus spreads, we need to take action to protect our minds against the virus of fear. We must be alert to the tactics of the enemy in order to guard against them. We need to put on the full armor of Christ to stand against any attack that may come our way. Now is the time to be vigilant and alert so that we may walk in victory over the virus.

Pray with me today: “Heavenly Father, I thank You that we do not have to fear or worry about anything because You are working on our behalf. I pray that You would help me to be alert to the virus, but not afraid. In the areas of my life where fear may have tried to creep in, I ask that You would help me to stay on guard against the tactics of the enemy. Holy Spirit, I declare your peace in my life and I proclaim victory over the virus. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”