Shelter in Place with Joni: A 7-Day Devotional Reading Plan

Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading


What’s Fair?

Have you ever walked into a room halfway through someone else’s argument and been asked for your opinion? It’s impossible to respond. You don’t have all the facts and don’t fully understand both sides of the argument; therefore, you can’t give a just verdict.

Trying to discern whether or not God is fair in any given situation is much like walking into a room halfway through someone else’s argument. For one thing, you are not all-knowing, and your perspective is extremely limited on this side of eternity. In this sense, “fairness” is impossible to grasp because you are unequipped to appreciate the whole picture.

Those who don’t believe in God may be presumptuous enough to play the “fairness” game, but Christians should know better. The world’s definition of fairness is based on the sliding scale of society’s values and the changing will of the majority. But God doesn’t play by those rules. That’s why he will never be “fair” from society’s perspective. He will, however, always maintain justice. Unlike fairness, justice is based on the unchanging principles of God’s Word.

The “fairness doctrine” is based on a person’s limited value system and timetable. Justice is based on God’s complete knowledge and eternal perspective. Remember, God is not fair—he is just and loving. His values are higher and far exalted above yours. His timetable is different. So bow to his justice, trust in his love, and forget about fairness.


Lord, you will never seem fair from the world’s perspective, and that’s why we praise you for being just, not fair. May your purposes prevail, and may you receive glory! Amen.