What Love Looks Like from Elle Limebear

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DAY 3: Forgiveness in His Eyes

The bible is full of stories of redemption. It’s essentially God’s story of how he has rescued us. 

The truth is, we all need saving. No matter what you childhood was like, the amount of money your parents did or didn’t have, or how well-behaved you were at school - we all need saving. And we cannot save ourselves.

Jesus went to the cross to be the ultimate, once and for all, act of redemption. He did it for YOU. He did it for me. He did it so we could be forgiven. If you are forgiven, you are free. It’s yours, freedom is all yours. YIPEEEEEEEEE 

It’s a simple as that. Jesus is what love looks like. That love took him to the cross, so that you could be forgiven, so that you could live every day for the rest of your life free from guilt, shame, fear and worry and, instead, experience real joy, hope, vision, and peace!

Imagine that you’re wearing a backpack. Inside that backpack is everything you’ve ever done wrong, every bad thing you’ve thought about yourself or another person - it’s heavy isn’t it? So is mine! 

Jesus, on the cross, took that backpack off your shoulders. You don’t have to carry it anymore. All those things you did wrong, he took the punishment for. You can walk a little taller today knowing that you’ve been forgiven by the creator of the universe. Feels good doesn’t it?!

Remember today, that you are loved beyond measure. 

Jesus has taken the punishment for you. Why not take some time today to thank God for taking the backpack of sin and shame off you.

You were bought at a price, you’re so loved. Now go live in freedom and LOVE on others!