What Love Looks Like from Elle Limebear

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DAY 1: What Love Looks Like.

What does love look like? 

It’s a feeling - yes.

It’s an action - that too. 

It’s a noun - learnt that at school. 

I don’t know about you but sometimes I can forget that love isn’t just a feeling or an action or just a noun. It’s sooooo much more than that!!!

As Christians we believe that Jesus came to Earth to show us what love looks like. Like the real deal love.

He was the personification of God. He made a way for us to know our Heavenly Father and for sin to no longer be a barrier.  *karate chops* 

He was condemned to death on a cross to be an everlasting sacrifice for everything that we have ever done wrong and will do wrong - sin, fear and shame no longer can hold us back. (amazing right??)

Jesus dying on the cross was the most lavish and epic expression of God’s love for us. We didn’t deserve it and we couldn’t earn it. But still, Jesus loved us completely that He would give up his own life so that we could live life to the full and inherit eternal life. Someone died so that you can LIVE, and his name is Jesus.

Today, remember that there is nothing you could ever do that can exclude you from the love of God displayed in Jesus Christ. He loves you so much that he layed down his own life for you. Jesus is what love looks like and that love is completely aimed at you. Take some time today to just sit in his love and let it wash over you!