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 Grow Spiritually   

A healthy church relies on the believer’s ability to grow spiritually just as a healthy family relies on each child’s ability to grow mentally, physically, and socially. Just as the first child born into a family usually assumes some responsibility for helping siblings through childhood, the more mature people within the church usually assume some of the responsibility for helping new believers navigate the initial steps of the Christian life.

Maturing spiritually allows you to help church leaders do the hard work of ministry, and to become an example and a mentor for the younger Christians. Spiritual growth is also God’s way of achieving his purposes in your life. Grow up spiritually, and let your forward progress in life become a testimony to the power of God and to the effectiveness of the church where God has planted you.

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What are the most important things Christians can do to help build the church, locally and globally? This plan focuses on personal characteristics and building blocks that yield a natural outpouring of commitment and con...


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