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Don't Miss the Moment: A 5 Day Guide to Embracing God's PlanSample

Don't Miss the Moment: A 5 Day Guide to Embracing God's Plan

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You and I are integral parts of an intricate plan—a divinely orchestrated strategy set in motion before the earth was conceived. Like winding roads on a map, we are sovereignly interconnected—past, present, and future intersecting in accordance with his will not only for our individual lives but for humanity as a whole. History is rich with examples of people unwittingly groomed by and used of God to achieve his perfect end.

Joseph, a young nomad, sold into slavery by his own brothers, had no way of knowing that their betrayal was a sanctioned part of God’s plan to save an entire nation. Nor did Abraham Lincoln, a self-educated man of humble circumstance who dismissively referred to himself as “a floating piece of driftwood,” know that he would someday become a leader used by God to turn the tide of slavery in America.

Thankfully, knowing who we are in him is not a prerequisite for becoming who we’re called to be through him. Don’t get me wrong: sometimes God allows us to witness his plan unfold layer by layer, and he grants us the grace to understand the true magnitude of his hand while it is at work in our lives. But many times, we are unwitting participants of a predestined plan set in motion long before we existed with a resolution that will not be realized until long after we’re gone. Either way, we are all—each and every one of us—handcrafted and tailormade by God for a purpose greater than ourselves.

God moments introduce you to people, expose you to opportunities, and create circumstances that continually steer and usher you toward your ultimate destiny and the fulfillment of God’s grander design. At their onset, the moments may seem overwhelming. Often, they thrust you into uncharted, ever-enlarging territories that can leave you feeling lost and forgotten. In certain seasons, they can even make you question your capacity and level of preparedness. Though you may not always believe it or perceive it, know that you are here by divine design. You are an irreplaceable part of an irrevocable plan; God picked and equipped you according to his absolute knowledge in order that you might accomplish his perfect will.

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Don't Miss the Moment: A 5 Day Guide to Embracing God's Plan

Pastor and popular Bible teacher Sheryl Brady helps Christians prepare for, recognize, and cultivate the powerful yet easily overlooked moments when God shows up in their lives.

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