I'm Enthusiastic

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It's Easy To Forget

Oh, David. Yesterday we read how you enthusiastically ran into battle to serve your godly calling. Today, we’re reading how later in life you walked on your roof to serve your human comfort. Before David committed adultery with Bathsheba, 2 Samuel 11:1 says he stayed home during the season when other kings went off to war. Does that sound like the shepherd boy who was so excited to serve God he ran to fight a giant without armor?

No one would’ve predicted the Goliath killer would end up so far from God that he’d shirk his royal duties, have an affair with a married woman, and have his lover’s husband killed. Sadly, it’s surprisingly easy to lose our enthusiasm. All you really have to do—is forget where it comes from.

How do we keep from forgetting our source of enthusiasm? We trust God with our daily needs. When work is hard, we don’t look for shortcuts, we look for His help. We walk with God daily. We realize that en theos or “in God” can’t happen if we don’t allow Him into our daily routine. We realize the ways He is already a part of our lives and simply ask Him for new ways we can serve Him each day. Finally, we worship God daily. We see God as the source of good in our lives and we constantly thank Him for it by doing everything we do as unto Him.

Forgetting God is easy, but it has the saddest consequences. Today, choose to focus on Him so you don’t forget how exciting it is to run toward His calling.

Consider: What do you do that makes you passionate about running toward His calling? How can you make time for more of that each day?