I'm Enthusiastic

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What Are You Full Of?

The word enthusiasm might conjure thoughts of motivational speakers and cheerleaders. However, its roots go back to the Greek language as en theos, meaning in God, being possessed by God, or even being filled with God’s Spirit. The enthusiasm we’re talking about isn’t so much about feel-good talks and poms poms, but rather closeness to God’s heart.

Who did God call a man after His own heart? David. If a gigantic, uncircumcised Philistine were threatening your whole community, would you run out and challenge him to a duel? Young David did. He turned down the king’s pep talk and armor, then ran toward Goliath with nothing but five smooth rocks, a slingshot, and full reliance on God.

Maybe your giant isn’t an enormous armor-clad human. Maybe your family is becoming increasingly selfish and uncaring toward others. Maybe your school is overrun with harmful-yet-socially-accepted behavior. Maybe colleagues are fudging numbers. Do you have the enthusiasm—the en theos— to find five smooth words to say? Or five small actions to take? Are you fearlessly running toward problems like young David?

Why was David so fearless, anyway? Where did he get all that enthusiasm? David trusted God daily, he walked with God daily, and he worshipped God daily. As a result, David was full of God. Tomorrow, we’ll look at what happened when David lost his enthusiasm. Spoiler alert: if it can happen to a man after God’s own heart, it can happen to anyone.

Consider: Think back to a time you felt most enthusiastic. What were you doing to keep yourself connected to and filled with God’s Spirit?