Holy Week: Pause. Ponder. Pray.

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading



Would you imagine during this week that you have been transported back in time and it is two thousand years ago? Jesus is preparing to tread the path of Calvary. He comes into Jerusalem on a donkey. The King has arrived!

Who do you see in the crowd shouting, “Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the Highest”? Do you recognize your neighbor? Is that you standing there?

The people in the crowd greeted Jesus as the Messiah. When they hailed Him as the Son of David, they acknowledged that He was the Anointed One and the King of Israel, the rightful heir to David’s throne. 

I wonder, how would we acknowledge Jesus if He were to come today? How would He be received? Is He Lord of all to you? Do you rest in Him as the Coming King–the One who comes to bring a reign of peace?

When everything seems as though it’s falling apart...When we continually fall short of the mark...When we are accused, rejected, or forgotten...Is He Lord of all to us? Is He our very peace?

...on a donkey?

...on the cross?

...in the tomb?

...at the Resurrection?

...at the Ascension?

...at Pentecost?

...in our hearts?

...in our souls?

...in our minds?



During this Holy Week, let us ask our Lord to search our hearts and help us confess our unbelief, our doubts, our fears, our worries, our self-righteousness, and our  idolatry. Let us ask Him to be Lord of all in our lives. For His reign means peace.

So let us rest in Him. Let us put our hope in Him alone. Let us rely on what He says rather than what we see. Let us live to please Him rather than living to please 

others or ourselves.

He is the reigning King. Let us praise Him. Let us praise Him for His power, for His wisdom, for His guidance, for His protection, and most of all for the rescue of the cross. By His blood we have peace.

Yes, this week let us remember how the One who is Lord of all suffered in our place that He might bring us peace.


Lord Jesus, please be Lord of all in my life. Be all that I want and everything that I need. Be my peace. I place myself in Your hands.

In Jesus' name I pray,