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Begin Your Day With Water

How do you begin your day? Did you know water is valuable to both your body and mind? Water is essential for life and God refers to it in one of the very first Bible verses and multiple times throught Scripture. The human body requires water to function at the cellular level and is necessary for proper digestion and elimination.

So why does God use the illustration of water? Like what water does to our bodies, abiding in Him is essential for our spiritual growth. When you drink the appropriate amount of water each day, you’ll begin to see improvements to your overall health including clear complexion, digestion, and mental clarity. Similarly, when you spend quality time in the presence of God – through prayer, fasting, and spending time in His Word, etc. - you will also notice God’s anointed power since He provides us with enhanced perspective, supernatural peace, and increased capacity.

One way our body tells us we need water is by thirst. Thirst is such an interesting sensation. The more often you feed or satisfy a “thirst”, the more often you tend to want that substance. For instance, the more often you drink water the more often your body will crave it and less of other beverages that might not be as healthy. The more you invest in your relationship with God, His presence will be something you’re thirsty for.

Today, let’s start your day with a glass of water and read up on how God desires us to thirst for Him. Also, check out more about the benefits and usage of water.


This Plan was created to help guide you in the exploration of the Bible. While healthy lifestyle ideas may be presented, we recommend consulting your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine.