Quarantine Youth: Prayer

Quarantine Youth: Prayer

DAY 1 OF 5

Learning to Pray

Do you remember when you learned to speak? Your first word, your first sentence, the first time you ever understood what your parents were trying to tell you?

Yeah, me neither.

No one remembers how they first learned to communicate. In fact, your first communications came in one form:

You cried.





Want something out of reach?


You had to learn how to communicate, and in the same way, you have to learn how to pray.

Why? Because prayer is a specific form of communication.

Sometimes, prayer comes easily, it just flows out of us. Other times, it is difficult, we are distracted, or we feel as though we are just speaking to an empty room.

God hears every single prayer, and that makes every prayer important. Whether you feel it or not, each time you pray, God is doing something in you. Make prayer a regular practice, and you will see God at work in you in ways you never would have imagined.

Do what Jesus taught us: get alone, speak to God openly, and allow Him to begin something new in your life through prayer.


About this Plan

Quarantine Youth: Prayer

Being in quarantine doesn’t have to be that bad! Let’s take this time to dig in, and learn how to pray.

We would like to thank SoCal Youth Ministries - AG for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: http://youth.socalnetwork.org/

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