UNCOMMEN: A Glorious Burden

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 I'm for Jesus

There will be people who look at you carrying your cross as if you have a third eye growing out of your forehead. They will look at you and think of you to be a fool, some religious fool following a fairytale story.

Our God knows everything, and this verse tells us as much. Our verse says, "For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." 

The part that stood out to me in that verse is "to those who are perishing." If you are a believer, you can look back to the point that you were blind to the Gospel of Christ and as the word of God says...perishing and all those religious folks look like fools. 

  • Why would you give your hard-earned money to the church? 
  • Give up a Saturday to serve in the community? 
  • Get up early on a Sunday to go to church...are you crazy? 
  • Read my Bible? I don't even have a Bible
  • Pray? I don't know how to so I don't 

Do any of these statements sound familiar? I know they did to me. I may not have said them out loud, but I probably thought them often enough. But it was my wife and her faithfulness in her walk that stirred something in my spirit and put me on the path to following Jesus. 

Turns out the whole time I thought these "religious" folks were fools...I was the fool. A fool that was perishing all the while I thought I was right. 

While I wasn't drawn to the cross itself, I was drawn to the person on the cross. The innocent Son of Man who willingly took my place on the cross awoke a spark in me that compelled me to come to Jesus on July 2nd, 1995. 

The lesson I also learned was that while others may scoff at me for being a fool for Jesus, they can be stirred to come to Jesus just as I was.

Uncommen Questions: 

Are you okay being a fool for Christ?

Are you open to having a conversation with those who think you are a fool for Christ?


Uncommen Challenge:

I challenge us all to be open to having a conversation with those who think we are fools. Speak with Truth and Grace and know that if you're going to be a fool...be a fool for Jesus.

Scripture Reference:
1 Corinthians 1:18