Reframe: From The God We've Made…To God With Us

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Rethinking You

It’s all about you. And it’s all about what you do next. That may sound wrong but nothing about you can happen without you involved. And when we speak of being in a relationship with someone, we definitely have to be involved—especially God.

If life is an extravagant gift, what are you supposed to do with it? As believers, we filter this question through the lens of a relationship with God. If I were to ask you how you know you’re in a relationship with God, what would your answer be? Is it because of a prayer you spoke or portions of Scripture that you’ve read? Is it because you’re around a lot of people who seem to be in such a relationship, or a feeling that you have inside or a theological formula you’re following? Does God want to be in a relationship with you? How do you know this?

As you begin to consider these questions ponder your answers. Be deliberate. These questions will begin to uncover what you think you know about God and your heart’s posture toward that knowledge.

“A relationship with God” or “a personal relationship with Jesus” are phrases that have become almost cliché over the years. It’s shorthand for saying we are “believers.” But can we be believers and not have a relationship with God?

A relationship with God has to be about more than belief. We believe in a lot of people we’re not in a relationship with. In his letter to Hebrew believers, James said, “You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror” (James 2:19, NLT). Most of us would say that we want a “growing relationship with God,” but has this become just another of the clichés? What do we mean when we say this? Growing or deepening any other relationship involves both people. So what does that look like with God? What is it He wants from us? These are the things we’re going to explore together. But I have to tell you, our conclusions may be different than you think. And it’s going to take the fearlessness to really look at yourself because it’s all about you. And it’s all about what you do next.

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