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What Do We Know For Sure About Jesus?

What Do We Know For Sure About Jesus?

25 Days

My favorite way to focus on the “red stuff” in the New Testament—the words of Jesus—is to ask a question I received from a popular magazine “What’s one thing you know for sure?” As a lifelong journalist, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people over the years, and I think this question is the best single interview question I’ve ever heard. So I co-opted this question, morphing it into this: “Based on this Scripture passage alone, what’s one thing I know for sure about Jesus?” Let’s read through one chapter from Matthew’s Gospel that’s loaded with red stuff—chapter 15—quickly determining what we know for sure about Jesus as we scan through the things he said and did. We’ll sometimes read the same passage but answer the question differently.

We would like to thank Lifetree & Group for providing this plan. Taken from the book The Jesus-Centered Life by Rick Lawrence, a companion to the Jesus-Centered Bible— For more information, please visit:

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