Faith Instead of Fear in The Pandemic

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Don’t Be Afraid

When all you hear is how bad things are, it’s hard not to fear. Yet, the Bible says that God is in control and to have faith in Him. It is my desire that as you listen to today’s devotional you will be encouraged to live with full confidence and trust that the Lord is with you during difficult times.  


  • Take a moment to stand back and think about how you’re coping with the coronavirus pandemic?  
  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how well are you coping really (0 = sheer panic … 10 = complete peace and confidence)?  
  • What are the things, specifically, that are worrying you?  
  • Read the whole of Psalm 34 … list the 3 most important promises that you hear God speaking into your heart through His Word.  
  • Take some time to pray through your specific concerns.