How You Can Overcome Temptation: Video Devotions

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No Temptation Greater Than You Can Bear 

We all have at least one area of temptation that sucks us in every time and leaves us feeling as though we can never win the battle. But God promises that we won’t be tempted beyond our endurance. So how do those two things match up? Are we doomed to always fall into the same trap? Or is there some way we can break free? 


  • Spend some time reflecting on your own battles with temptation. Do you have an Achilles heel (just like the rest of us)? Ask God for His discernment in identifying your blind spots and areas of weakness.
  • Are there sins you’ve committed that you’re still beating yourself up over? Ask God for His grace and peace to wash those feelings of guilt and condemnation away – today!
  • God’s Word says that He will give us a way out of temptation. And there are steps you can take to keep that escape hatch open! Ask God to help you find ways to do that. (For example, ask a friend to keep you accountable, or identify situations where you’re vulnerable, and avoid them.)
  • Write out the words of 1 Corinthians 10:13 and carry them with you today. Whenever you feel doubt or temptation, read those words. His promise can be trusted! Ask Him to help you believe that with every fibre of your being.