Get A Hold Of Insecurity

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Biblical Truth: "You Are Valued"

Today we begin to examine Biblical truths and learn how to get a hold of insecurity. The first step on this path is to believe in your worth and value. Let me help you get started: YOU ARE VALUED! YOU HAVE WORTH! THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU!

Insecurity is essentially a lack of confidence in yourself. Why believe that?! Psalm 139 talks about the great care God took in creating you. Such thought, love, and dedication was taken in the unseen moments God knit you together carefully in your mother’s womb. Luke 12 describes the interest God takes in the sparrows and lilies, and yet, isn’t His devotion to you greater. Indeed, Scripture is filled with words of God’s love and value for you.

You need to know right now that you are valued. You need to know that God cares more about you than you could ever comprehend. You must understand that His love is deeper, wider, and higher than you could imagine. Collapse into His love for you. Embrace His care. Trust that how He has designed you is wonderful and powerful. You have a purpose and calling very specific to how He wants to use you; that’s a lot of thought and planning set aside specifically for you and you alone.

When you think your gifts are not as important. Rebuke it. When you feel your experience is lacking. Lean into His. When you feel your value is nothing compared to another, trust what His word says about you.

Tell insecurity today that you have value by speaking Psalm 139 over your life. Let the words of Luke 12 drench you in the assurance of His care. Every time an insecure thought pops into your head, push it out with prayer and these Scriptures.

Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made!