Get A Hold Of Insecurity

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Manifestation of Insecurity: "I'm Not Good Enough"

Insecurity was an ugly, unwelcomed companion in my life for many years. In fact, there is one particular phrase that still echoes is my mind like a broken record under the right circumstances. It’s the phrase, “I’m not good enough.” Maybe a similar phrase plays frequently in your mind as well and it’s so familiar that it feels like an old comrade keeping you company.

Insecurity manifests in many forms and the first three days in this reading plan will touch on a few of them. It’s not all inclusive but rather an examination of what we find in Scripture and life as the most common manifestations.

Believing you are not good enough is one and it has a particularly devastating effect--it keeps you from living at your full potential. For example, you give yourself one hundred percent to a passion only to go overlooked. You want to give up because it seems there is no point. Or perhaps you try to do something romantic for your spouse but it falls flat. You internalize it to mean you’re not loving well.

When we put stock in this phrase and give it validity, we allow pieces of our potential chip away. The truth is, God never wants you to feel inadequate or not good enough. He wants you to be aware of your weakness that you might lean into His strength but never for a second does He want you to diminish your value.

I get goosebumps when I read The Message translation of 1 Peter 2:9. It describes that we are CHOSEN by God, not for ourselves, but to be an example of His power to take you, “from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted.” You are SOMETHING. You are ACCEPTED. When you or the enemy begin to whisper attacks about your value, rebuke such words and remind yourself of what 1 Peter 2 says.

Don’t allow insecurity to diminish your potential or steal away your calling. They will if you don’t keep careful guard over your heart and mind. In this plan, we will not only evaluate other manifestations of insecurity, but we will cover our lives with the truth of God’s word. At the end my prayer is that you will walk forth with the power of Scripture to know you’re valued and have a purpose that insecurity has no part in.