Good Man

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When I think back nearly two decades to my boyhood, I realize that something is still lingering in my heart, something that was present then. I allow my mind and heart to recall and find that the “something” is a strong and steady voice calling out to me, urging me to be a good and great man. It gives me a deep desire to use my life for something bigger than myself and to live out a true and epic story.

I wish I could say I’ve always listened to and followed the call, but life has a way of drowning it out with the noise of tedious work, mental illness, broken relationships, and unrealized dreams. But still, it’s been there beckoning—sometimes whispering, sometimes yelling—reminding me that I was made for more.

The voice that calls to me is the same one that spoke the universe into existence. It’s the unchanging, ever-present, and timeless voice of my Creator calling out to the deepest parts of my being. And while I have wandered, stumbled, and fallen along the way, my Creator’s voice still speaks—just as it did when I was a young boy fighting imaginary enemies, telling me I was created to be a good man. And I can be, should I only listen and obey.

The voice of God that calls my name calls to all of us, and He has been calling since the first man walked the earth. God is inviting us into the beautiful story He has waiting for us. The one He designed at the beginning of time that tells us who we are and who we were made to be: good men.

The truth is, many of this generation have become passive, angry, selfish, predatory, violent, and bored. But that’s not where the story has to end. Men were designed by a good Creator with intent. We were made to be dedicated, peaceful, serving, protective, kind, and purpose driven. Yet because of the broken world we live in, we have lost our way. Inside each of us is a longing for meaning, a yearning for greatness, and a search for truth. 

But just like me at twelve years old, in the heart of every little boy and every grown man is a hero, the soul of a good man who has the capacity to bring life into his world, protect innocence, create beauty, seek truth, love deeply, laugh loudly, explore, discover, adventure, provide, help, heal, and worship his Creator.

What do you think are some qualities a good man must possess?