Kari Jobe Majestic (Revisited) Devotional

"Majestic (Revisited)"

It is important to look back at times and remember the miracles and prayers God has answered on our behalf. Some of those experiences have been healing of diseases, breakthroughs in our families or working something difficult out with a friend. This God who walked with us through those seasons, is the same God who is with us in our season today and will move mountains again. I have noticed in my own life that I forget to revisit major breakthroughs that God has caused—when we DO revisit and thank Him for these breakthroughs, it does something to stir up our faith and cause us to believe for more. God loves to pour out His goodness and faithfulness.

Last year I was walking through a hard relational struggle with a dear friend. We needed God’s help to know how to resolve an issue. I had seen God bring wisdom and resolve things in the past, so I knew in my heart that I needed to pray. As I was praying one morning, I realized it was more like whining to the Lord. I felt in my Spirit that I wasn’t praying and believing for it to change, I was really just complaining to the Lord. I quickly realized I needed to change my perspective to have faith instead of fear. I began to press in and ask for breakthrough and declare the Word of God over the situation. It completely broke that day, and we had clarity and wisdom on how to move forward. God moved. He loves to do miracles and answer prayers. So keep pressing in and asking with faith, instead of complaints.

I pray that as you listen through the different songs of this new album, Majestic Revisited, God’s presence is strong and you are not only reminded of incredible moments when you’ve seen God move, but you experience new depths of His presence. I pray that prayers would be answered and you would see tangible evidence of God’s faithfulness. No matter where you are today or what is going on in your life, nothing is too big for God. He is near, He loves you, and He is for you. Seek Him, pray with faith and watch for His goodness.