Dreamville: What Is Your God Dream?

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Before we kick off, let me ask you a couple of questions: Do you have a deep, innate sense that you’re supposed to do something significant with your life? Have you ever had a dream that you’re convinced was from God? If you answered “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” or “Not sure” to either of these questions, then my advice is to keep reading.

Throughout this devotional, we are believing for God to stir up and impart dreams and visions into you but you must first understand that you aren’t chasing the dream itself; you’re seeking the God who dreamt it up for you. 

In the Bible, it all started when my mum (Rachel) met my dad (Jacob). They fell in love and they had me:

Hi, I’m Joseph… and my life… It's kinda crazy!

(TikTok reference, sorry if you’re over 18)

God gave Joseph a dream about his future. He dreamt that one day he would be a great leader and that even the ‘sun, moon and stars’ would bow down to him.

That is a big dream! So why did God entrust Joseph, a young shepherd boy from Canaan, with such an important dream? Over the next few days, we’ll look at why Joseph was the “right man for the job” and how he responded to the call of God.