Spiritual Discernment And Property Management

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Buying a Property

Making a purchase is a big decision. You have to consider the place, the property, the people, and so much more. And regardless of how different these variables may look, you’re always taking a risk. 

So, how do we trust God in these moments? Because the temptation is going to be to rely solely on ourselves. We can look at our due diligence and think that we have everything under control—that we can handle it.

But God doesn’t ask us to handle anything alone, let alone large financial decisions. It’s time to invite Him into the process… If you’re looking for the words to say to God, here’s a place to start...

Wise Father, I seek you for guidance before making this purchase. You tell me in the scriptures to seek your will in all I do, and you will direct my paths. I do that right now. God, grant me wisdom as I consider buying this property. Give me patience and insight as I exercise due diligence. Help me to ask the right questions and to have accurate information. If this is not a good decision, please make that clear. If it will be a profitable investment, please provide the money needed. Finally, help me to remember that while this is a financial investment, it is also a people investment. Many new residents will live under my care. Help this purchase to contribute to the extension of your kingdom. Please bring the good news of Christ to this community, so that lives will be changed forever. Amen.