Spiritual Discernment And Property Management

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Selling a Property

Is this verse true for you? Buying and selling anything starts with our heart posture—out of which our actions flow. So, when it comes to the way we deal and interact with others, this verse provides a litmus test for how our heart actually feels. 

Have we been honest and sincere? Have we depended on God’s grace instead of our own wisdom? And have we treated everyone fairly.

In any industry, there’s no shortage of dishonest and insincere people. But as Christians living out our faith in the marketplace, God has placed a call on our lives that requires us to be different. Integrity and forthrightness should be core components of our brand—as people and as a business.

When it comes to selling a property, the temptation to cut a few corners and fudge some of the details will almost certainly arise. So, how should we respond? We pray. This is the start of any venture, any deal. Because we believe that the prayer of the righteous is more powerful than our own wisdom, we turn to God first and foremost before we take any action ourselves.

If you’re looking for the words to say to God, here’s a place to start...

Righteous Father, I pray for the sale of this property. Would you provide the right buyer at the right price so that this would be a good deal for both of us? Please fill me with your Holy Spirit throughout this process so that I will make wise decisions and conduct myself with absolute integrity. Protect me from careless mistakes and bad decisions. Help me to be grateful to you and gracious toward others because you have been generous to me. I pray for the management staff and residents as they experience this sale, as change can be unsettling. Protect and care for them through the sale of this property. Finally, I pray for all the ministry that is taking place in this community—that it will continue uninterrupted under the new ownership and management so that lives will continue to be impacted for eternity. In Jesus’ name, Amen.