The Whole Story: A Life in God's Kingdom, Part Three


Daily Reflection: The book of John begins with an incredible depiction of Jesus’ role in both creation and reality as we now know it. John’s use of the “word” is a direct callback to Genesis 1. In the beginning, it was the “word” from which all of creation came to be, and held together – see Colossians 1:17 for more context. In other words, the “word” was that which brought order from chaos and kept it that way. The “word,” as John writes, has now come to earth covered in flesh as Jesus, God incarnate. In this way, Jesus comes for the redemption of humanity in such a way that it will model the character, love, and desires of YHWH.

Daily Demonstration: Sometimes, the best perspective to take on life is achieved when one steps back from the day-to-day grind. Take time today to imagine the greatness of God. As John writes, God created the entire universe with his “word.” The “word” became flesh and dwelt among us. Now, we have Jesus to look to as our redeemer, our savior, our friend, and our example. How does this perspective help you today?