Resting In Grace

Resting In Grace

DAY 14 OF 20

Have you ever witnessed a near-death experience? Watched someone deliver CPR to a lifeless body? Or administer the Heimlich maneuver on a choking victim? 

Once a large, chalky pill got lodged in my throat, and it was terrifying. I was in the bedroom by myself. I couldn’t scream, much less breathe. I began to knock on my stomach while bent over, while my lungs felt ready to explode, and with everything in me, forced out a cough. 

Praise God, my meager efforts dislodged the medication. As it hit the floor and I took a reviving breath, tears flowed down my face. I was relieved yet shaken by the knowledge that I’d almost died. I’m certain paltry efforts while choking couldn’t have worked on their own. God saved me. 

This experience made me contemplate salvation and how, through Christ, God rescued us from death and brought us spiritual life. But unlike an emergency responder, God doesn’t save us then return to the fire station or rush off to the next emergency. 

He welcomes us into His family and adopts us as His children, making us heirs to His royal and eternal Kingdom. Do you see how deeply God goes loves us? If your earthly father has disappointed, hurt, or abandoned you, you now have a Father who will never fail, injure, or leave you. If you’ received Jesus as you Savior, thank the One who saved you and calls you His precious child. 

What does it mean to you that you are God’s adopted child?

~Kristen Terrette


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Resting In Grace

Christ's grace has the power to change everything. We don't have to strive, to compete or compare, or question whether or not we measure up. We're enough because Christ in us in enough. The cross of Christ sets us free.

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